About FEEFAA .

FEEFAA org is online space, with cultural documentations, stories, as well as creative new material. FEEFAA includes collections of old gold jewellery in the FEEFAA Gold section, articles in the Insight section, and art exhibitions are presented in the “Today Gallery at FEEFAA”

Established in 2020, FEEFAA is a collaborative effort by professionals, academics, and art enthusiasts. Their shared passion led them to curate and create the content on this site. Based in Toronto, Canada, FEEFAA’s readers and contributors span the globe, making it a truly international platform

FEEFAA’s journey began as an online haven dedicated to documenting Iraqi handcrafted gold jewelry spanning the years from 1900 to 2000. Initially, it featured a single collection, but soon the allure of these exquisite pieces drew the attention of numerous collectors. As a result, the platform expanded to encompass 15 distinct collections, showcasing over 300 remarkable pieces—and it continues to flourish.

Art, cultural and heritage articles closely tied to Iraq and its surrounding regions followed suit, enriching FEEFAA’s vibrant tapestry. This digital space celebrates cultural and heritage, creativity, and the enduring allure of design and craftsmanship.



Nadia Tobia – Founder and Director

Nadia Tobia, an architect was born in Baghdad and became Canadian in the early 1990s. She Graduated from Baghdad University, Iraq and University Collage Dublin, Ireland. She is a principal and founder of Tobia Architects Inc. She has worked extensively as a lead designer on large scale complex projects in Iraq, Canada, Ireland, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and China and with the UN HABITAT for Iraq in Jordan.

Ali Barbouti – Advisor

Ali Barbouti an architect and entrepreneur, born in Baghdad/Iraq and a Canadian since the 1990s. Graduate from Baghdad University, Department of Architecture. Ali started his career in the design development of mixed-use and residential projects; working on a variety of projects with the Iraq Consult in Baghdad; Kuwaiti Engineer Office (KEO) in Kuwait; Kirby Building Systems in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. His career and interest progressed into the construction field reaching a position of Director with Al-Latifia Trading & Contracting in Saudi Arabia where he remained for over 20 years.

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