• Day trip to the gold shops in Al Nahir Street; As a teenager in the 1960’s in Baghdad, I frequently accompanied my mother to the Old Baghdad Centre visiting the many attractions on Rashid Street and Al Nahir Street, this article is a golden memory of these trips. The map traces our route.

  • Al Nahir Street (meaning River Street) is the first modern street that was opened in the traditional urban fabric of Baghdad city; it was the Ottoman governor Nadhum Pasha who ordered the opening of the street in the year 1910. The starting point to the street was Al Mustansiriya School.

  • Snapshot of one foreign woman’s impressions of a country at war, while she was armed only with: the shallow remains of Arabic language, her personal U.S. educational experience to extrapolate as a road map for others, one recent National Geographic article on Iraq, and an open heart.

  • Documentary of school days in Baghdad from the neighborhood kindergarten to end of high school. Memories of: 1. British Council Kindergarten / Ms. Saywell and Al Sadoon Park Neighbourhood, 2. Al Mansour Primary Private School, 3. Baghdad High School and 4. Al Sharqiya High School for Girls.

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