Hajer Ghani; Transforming History and Stories into Gold

Hajer Ghani

An Iraqi jewelry designer who believes that jewelry is more than a mere accessory, but a work of art rich in history and significance. Every piece she creates always has a story behind it.

Detail of wooden door Bab El Gharbaa, by Sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hekmat (Iraq 1929-2011)


Hajer began her journey by designing gold and silver jewelry inspired by the work of her father, the late Iraqi sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hekmat, also known as “Sheikh of Sculptors”, who in turn captured the Babylonian, Assyrian, and Sumerian civilizations of Iraq in his work. Hajer then moved on to design different types of jewelry inspired by the tales and history of Mesopotamia.

Father and Daughter

Hajer’s personal relationship with her father’s work, her childhood memories listening to her parents’ tales about the Sumerian gods and the Mesopotamian civilizations, and all she received at home from her sculptor father and archaeological mother – these all remain at the heart of her work.

Inspired by Mohammed Ghani. JOY 18K yellow gold ring with diamonds

Inspired by Mohammed Ghani. FARAH Ring in Gold with Black Silver and Yellow Agate

Inspired by Mohammed Ghani. PILLARS of STRENGTH - Bracelet in Gold

Inspired by Mohammed Ghani. YA RAB in Gold with Green Agate choker. One of Hajer's first designs.

The sculpture “Save the Iraqi Culture”, made by the legendary Mohammed Ghani Hekmat in Baghdad, made into memorable necklace

Past and Present

Hajer Ghani aims to transform history and stories into art pieces, and fixed sculptures into wearable items. She produces work that connects the past with the present and keeps it alive and going.
She is reviving the history of her late father through her collection which focuses on using art in her handmade jewellery. 

Kahramana and the forty thieves a sculptor in Baghdad by Mohammed Ghani.

Kahramana and the forty thieves, a legacy from 1001 nights made into a memorable necklace from Mohammed Ghani sculptures in Baghdad.

Shahrazad, who was the narrator of the great 1001 stories, made into a memorable necklace from Mohammed Ghani sculptures in Baghdad.

Simplicity and Strength 

Hajer Ghani’s work is distinguished by the simplicity and strength of her designs.
All  pieces are handmade. Hajer first sketches the design and then creates the mold for the piece.  She casts the mold with gold or silver, once this step is completed, the pieces are cleaned and polished and stones like diamonds, emerald, malachite…etc are added based on the design.

MAMI - Necklace in Gold with green Agate

Hajer Ghani has showcased her work in various art exhibitions, in addition to her collaboration with museums and cultural and heritage organizations:

LOVE - 18 carat Gold and Turquoise Necklace. The intricate gold design feature the word love written in Cuneiform. ( Exclusive to the British Museum)

2018 – Collaborated with the British Museum to display her work in their shop.

ESHNONA - Necklace in Gold with Lapis Lazuli

2019 – Launched an exclusive collection that focused on the ancient gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia. 

Sumerian Enki, Mesopotamian god of water

ENKI - Necklace in Gold with red Agate

AYNANA - Necklace in Gold with brown Agate

AL ULA Collection - Symbol of Horizon Necklace in Gold on synthetic Black Onyx.

2021 – Collaborated with the administration of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, in designing exclusive pieces in Nabataean script.

AL ULA site in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

AL ULA Collection - The Flower is symbol of Glory Necklace, in Gold on synthetic Malachite.

AL ULA Collection - The Lion is a symbol of power Necklace, in Gold on synthetic Red Agate.

Hajer Ghani has added a new touch to her designs after exploring the Cuneiform script and adding it to the jewelry, creating a varied collection of different Cuneiform pieces. 

Cuneiform is a system of writing first developed by the ancient Samarians of Mesopotamia c. 3500-3000 BCE. All of the great Mesopotamian civilizations used cuneiform. The writing was created by using a reed stylus to make wedge-shaped indentations in clay tablets. 
AIN and ALIF letters in cuneiform system of writing made into a necklace using gold and enamel material. 

The word Promise - Necklace in Gold with Diamonds and rutilated Quartz

The word Creation - Necklace in Gold with diamonds and rutilated Quartz

The name Saad - Cuff Lings in Rose Gold on Blue Enamel (Custom Made)

DIJLA and FURAT - Earrings in Gold with Baroque Pearls

ALLAH - Earrings in Gold with Baroque Pearls

FLY - Necklace in Gold with Baroque Pearls

ALLAH - Necklace in Silver and synthetic Malecite

ANU - Gold with Green Agate

FLY - Gold with Brown Agate

MOTHER - Necklace in Gold with White Resin

HEART - Necklace in Gold with Pink Resin

LOVE - Necklace in Gold with Blue Resin

IRAQ - Ring in Gold with Turquoise

LOVE - Earrings in Gold with Turquoise

ANU - Earrings in Gold with Amber

The letter MEEM - Necklace in Gold and Enamel

The Letter SEEN - Necklace in Gold and Enamel

The letter AIN - Necklace in Gold and Enamel

Hajer Ghani Jewellery 

Hajer taught herself designing and making jewellery, she would experiment making pieces for herself until the passion grew and she turned it into a business.
Hajer Ghani Jewellery and the brand was established in 2014 with its design studios and head quarters in Bahrain. The business has grown successfully since its start and continues to operates on line only. 

Jewellery images by Khalid Abdulla
Hajer Ghani image by Ali Sharaf



AL ULA Collection - Necklace in Gold with synthetic Black Onyx

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